Hybrid High Rise

Course Mentors:  Dushyant Asher, Gauri Joshi, Komal Gopwani, Shreyank Khemalapure


Since 2010, at least, the Western Suburbs of Mumbai, have witnessed a dramatic rise in the number of tall buildings -especially along the Western Express Highway and other arterial roads. The dominant types of these developments is either a complex of mixed use programs or only residential towers -often through a process of redevelopment of either slums or old housing stock like Cooperative Housing Societies and so on. The studio proposes to re-examine the building type of the tall building in the suburbs to make it more contextually relevant and formally explorative.

Learning Objectives

Part 1 - Systems: To familiarise the students with the systems that are necessary for the functioning of a highrise building with complex and discrete programs.

Part 2 - Craft: To illustrate the structural system and its behaviour. (with reference to Heino Engel,  Structure Systems). To illustrate systems of flows through the building (with reference to diagrams of OMA, BIG, MVRDV, REX, FOA). To illustrate design details of the building envelopes. To illustrate the application of building regulations to the design.

Part 3 - Environment: To develop relevant forms to reduce heat gain. To develop systems for harnessing wind and solar energy.

Course Questions

How to understand the behaviour of Tall Buildings? What new structural and formal strategies can be imagined about the tall building? What are the ways of making tall buildings relevant to their location?