This is an initiave of the Society for Environment and Architecture. The Society is a collective of architects, artists, designers, environmentalists, urbanists, cultural theorists, and activists.

It is registered as a Society and a Trust in India. It works towards creating vibrant, equitable and multidisciplinary academic environments for spatial studies.
It aims at creating experimental and innovative spaces for Education, Research and Advocacy in the areas around architecture, urbanism, environment and culture studies with focus on emerging contexts in South Asia. 

The Society strives towards creating an ecosystem for spatial culture that is rooted in relevance, equality, justice and joy.
Towards this, the Society has established:

1. School of Environment and Architecure for undergraduate education in architecure
2. Centre For Spatial Studies, for research & pedagogy);
3. SEA-City, a platform to host lectures, seminars, conferences and exhibitions
4. SEA-Press for dessimination of research and ideas through experimental publication.